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With Edvanta’s Totara Learn suite, you can go beyond just delivery required training and compliance to creating an engaged, collaborative and skilled workforce.

We know you need a flexible learning management system that’ll deliver great learning and help you measure results. We’re the top global partner who can get you there.

The increasing use of collaborative systems is an important facet of knowledge management in corporate L&D. Making use of crowd creativity, trackable data, collective intelligence can remarkably improve your ROI on your e-learning expenditures.

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Totara Learn for Higher Education
Totara Learn for Higher Education
Totara Learn for Workplace Learning
Totara Learn for Workplace Learning
Totara Learn for Startups & Individuals
Totara Learn for Startups & Individuals

Totara Learn Capabilities

Learning & Performance Management

Plan, track, review and interpret learner’s progress and its alignment with pre-defined personal and organizational goals, set up individually or as a team.

Program & Certification Management

Totara Learn’s Program & Certification Management allows to create learning paths with a combination of courses & competencies and assign them to job-roles, organizations, and audiences.

Competency & Skills Management

Totara Learn helps your organization have your own distinct set of competency framework which is in alignment with the long and short-term organizational goals.

Audience Management

Totara Learn gives you more than position and organizational hierarchies. With the Audience Management Features, you can create and target custom groups via dynamic rules & events

Integration with Enterprise tools

We at Edvanta know that it’s important to have a connected ecosystem. Totara Learn connects with all Industry standard HRMS & Business Systems.

Reporting & Dashboards

Totara Learn allows you to manage your reporting requirements, with the inbuilt Report Builder, a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to build custom reports on users, courses progress and competency achievement across your budiness.

About Totara Learn

Simplify and increase the effect of any learning or training process with the help of Totara Learn. It is one of the best and efficient platform, primarily used to administer, document, track and deliver training and run educational courses globally. Serving numerous corporate firms and educational institutions across multiple domains, it is feature-rich and is know for its flexibility.

With 9+ million users in 1,200 subscribing organizatons, Totara Learn has already expanded its reach across 47+ countries.

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Navin Dutta

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