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The financial services industry has changed dramatically in the last decade, whether as a result of compliance and regulatory commitments following the 2008 financial crisis, the digital transformation of banking services, or disruption from emerging fintechs and challenger banks. The most successful institutions nowadays wear “change” as a badge of honour.

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L&D in the financial services industry has been undergoing major change for many years. Learning takes place in a variety of settings outside than the typical classroom. Every year the use of virtual and online learning grows. Learner experiences and routes are transforming into course curricula. Before it is made, content is curated. Learner experience platforms are replacing learning management systems. Performance assistance and a variety of informal resources and assets, such as learning-specific chatbots, enabling learning in the flow of work.

Fast Facts

1 %
finance professionals

77.8% finance professionals see training focused on skills as annimportant way to develop management support

1 %

Almost 80% of employees responding to our survey indicate that their strongest motivation to learn at work is in order to do their jobs faster or better

1 %
motivated by hr/l&d

Employees say that the greatest influencers on this motivation for learning is their manager (35%), colleague (15%) or coach/mentor (14%). HR or L&D don’t really feature, at just 1%

What We Offer For You

Learning Platform for Finance & Retail

Compliance Training

One of the main features of Talent experience platform, and one that it implements in various ways, is to help organise compliant activities such as assigning the right learning programs to the appropriate people, automating recertification reminders with comprehensive role-based reports on completions and non-compliance an functionality to automate the entire administration process of compliance training.

Blended Learning

Provide and track user-friendly training sessions and e-learning courses that focus on learning experience to improve employee retention rates and reduce operational pain points in managing blended learning while collecting data for all kinds of learning centrally and in utmost detail.

Highly Customisable

Maintain ever-changing policies, procedures, banking regulations, to train employees at regular intervals, track financial products and services, communicate with customers effectively.


Is an alternative learning platform a need for you? or Would you like to create a unified learning ecosystem from where you will be able to manage learning & training for across geographies, departments or even customers & vendors? With our Multi-Tenancy features get the ability to support disparate organisations within the one learning experience platform installation, with members of each organisation enjoying a branded and customised experience with little or no interaction with one another. 

Increase Employee Engagement

Create an environment that lets your employees share content, experiences, and expertise. Assign learners onboarding materials that are interesting and engaging so they can get accustomed to your company culture and policies. Also get access to a Machine Learning based recommendation engine to ensure that your learners are always finding relevant resources on your learning platform while getting real-time insights on the engagement. 

Be on top of your game with our custom report builder

In-depth reporting on which staff have passed and completed assessments and compliance training.  Generate reports on individuals that haven’t yet completed their compliance and mandatory learning and engage with their managers to ensure their training is prioritised. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports on compulsory and compliance training completions and gaps, to have relevant and up-to-date reports sent straight to the inboxes of all relevant stakeholders.

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Edvanta Services

Customization & Development

Edvanta will help you customize Totara Talent Experience Platform as per your specific needs and workflows.

Learning Content & Video Production

Our Learning Content & Video Production team helps you digitize your existing learning materials, SOPs into self-paced courses.

Learning Data Analytics Services

Our Learning Analytics Services will help you build xAPI based Data Strategy for your L&D Leaders and help in decision making.

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