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A Learning Experience Platform that can increase learner engagement, save costs and help with compliance and continuous training. 

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Fast Facts

1 Mn

By 2030, there is expected to be a global shortage of 15 million healthcare workers

1 %

44% of organizations in high consequence industries do not feel thoroughly prepared for a compliance audit.

Medication Errors
1 Bn

Medication Errors cost NHS upto $3.5 Bn every year. 

Edvanta Services

Customization & Development

Edvanta will help you customize Totara Talent Experience Platform as per your specific needs and workflows.

Learning Content & Video Production

Our Learning Content & Video Production team helps you digitize your existing learning materials, SOPs into self-paced courses.

Learning Data Analytics Services

Our Learning Analytics Services will help you build xAPI based data strategy for your L&D leaders and help in decision making.

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