Digital Learning Transformation

Edvanta Technologies helps clients with building their Digital Learning Transformation journey by modernisation of their conventional L&D infrastructure, integrating digital innovations and adapting the solutions for scale required for their business.

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Edvanta - Digital Learning Transformation Components

Digital Ecosystems for Different Business Needs

Edvanta helps you with CRM & Lead Management portals allowing you to gather all the information you require for your prospects, customers and partners.

Learning Data & Analytics Support

We help you measure, collect and run analysis on your learning data about progress of learners and the context in which digital learning takes place.

Infrastructure & Security Management

In a modern organization, learning infrastructure is changing rapidally. We at Edvanta help you manage that change, scale and improve the overall efficiency.

Academic Program & Curriculum Management

From course structure to module creation and scheduling to analysis and tracking, Edvanta helps you with your programs & curriculum management.

Enterprise Interoperability & Integrations Management

Being in Open Source, we love interoperability and open standards for integration. Some standards that we follow are IMS LTI, SCORM, AICC, QTI and many more

Customer Success & Support Framework

Our Customer Success team is responsible for supporting client’s adoption and continued satisfaction. The Success Team learns & adapts as per your learning needs.

Learning Pathways & Student Success Management

Create immersive Learning Journeys & Pathways for your students. Make sure that they are on right track with our Student Success Support Services.

Enterprise Social & Mobile Learning Management

Learning that matters today is social, in real time and inventive. We help you create an learning & performance ecosystem with support of Social Learning.

Rapid Content Creation & Authoring Solutions

Want to rapidally create content in HTML5 &
SCORM? Our Content Authoring tools allow you to create & publish content rapidly and all by yourself.

Process for Digital Learning Transformation

Transformation requires a cultural change and if your leaders are unclear we help them develop the learning culture. Our maturity model assessment will help you identify: 

  1. A detailed assessment process to draft clear understanding of your organisation stage
  2. Onboard your leaders on Edvanta customer success platform to challenge, inspire and create user-journey based on roles
  3. A detailed report on findings


You need a well-planned strategy for Nexus of four – Cloud, Social, Mobile & Analytics. Our Customer Success Support team will work with you leaders and create a strategy and take it on to the implementation stage. 


After the Maturity Model Assessment & building an actionable strategy for the Cloud, Social, Mobile & Analytics, we implement the Digital Solutions for your Business Needs. We help you with creating information portals, course catalog, eCommerce enablement, learner journeys and integrate with your Enterprise Suite of Applications. 


Once you are on-boarded on Digital Learning Transformation Platform, you will be assigned an Customer Success Expert who will closely work with you. Within our Customer Success Team you will have access to: 

  1. Platform Advisory Team
  2. Content Strategy Team
  3. Cloud Services Advisory Team
  4. Analytics Expert 
  5. Training Support Services Team


With Our Digital Learning Transformation Services, we put our clients business into two distinct divisions: 

  1. KTBI – Keep the Business Innovating
  2. KTBR – Keep the Business Running

While Operations is doing its job, our innovation experts are always working to bring in more effective processes, technologies based on insights generated from operations and industry trends. 


Industries We Support

Public Sector
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Professional Services
Education Foundations
Telecom & Media

Technology Stack For Transformation

Totara Learn Partner
OpenedX Services & Integrations
Totara Social Partner
Microsoft Azure Services
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Drupal Development Services
AWS Consulting & Architecture
lucidworks, fusion, AI, Machine Learning
Salesforce Integration & Development Services
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support management, multi-instance support management, multi-tenant support management

Join Edvanta for reinventing your L&D Processes to fully utilize the potential of your employees by creating a culture of continuous learning.