Digital Learning Transformation Services

Edvanta Technologies helps clients with building their digital learning transformation journey by modernization of their conventional L&D infrastructure, integrating digital innovations, and adapting the solutions for the scale required for their business.

Building Learning Solutions that transform Learning Culture

Digital Strategy Specific to Business

Edvanta helps you build a personalized strategy specific to your business needs.

Digital Learning Ecosystem Enablement

Enterprise learning doesn't happen in silos. Edvanta helps you nurture an ecosystem which fills the gaps.

Learning Pathways & Success Management

Create immersive learning journeys & pathways for your learners. Ensure that they are on the right track with our Student Success Support Services.

Learning Data & Analytics Support

We help you measure, collect and run analysis on your learning data about progress of learners and the context in which digital learning takes place.

Enterprise Interoperability & Integration

Edvanta follows the Enterprise Interoperability Frameworks and has worked on complex Integrations such as Salesforce, Oracle, eCommerce, CMS and other tools.

Continuous Innovation & Optimization

Edvanta works with your L&D team and helps them innovate and build solutions for the future.

Workforce Transformation

Developing Solutions for Workforce of Future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating demand for new skills and workforce. This requires building ecosystems that empower Human Resources tools to upskill and measure what matters. 

How We Work?

Edvanta’s Digital Learning Transformation experts can help you benchmark your current strategy against industry standards, assess the effectiveness of your learning organization, define strategies to create maximum impact, and realize its full potential.

Edvanta Maturity Model Assessment

Based on our decades of experience, we have created a framework to understand your organization's readiness.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Build roadmap with the right tech strategy, learning strategy, learning efficiency strategy to drive desired L&D Return on Investments (ROI).

Continuous Learning Organization Optimization

We help build a Learning Culture in your organization and innovate based on feedback and data generated by your teams.

engaging learning content creation

Strategies for building engaging learning content

In today’s rapidly evolving learning landscape, creating engaging content is paramount. From harnessing storytelling to leveraging technology and understanding the learner’s perspective, this article delves deep into strategies that can elevate your learning content, transforming it into a captivating and immersive experience for your audience.

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cultivating a learning culture in workplace
Totara Learn

Cultivating a Learning Culture

Cultivate a thriving learning culture in your organization with the Totara Talent Experience Platform. This comprehensive solution not only helps to overcome common challenges in creating a learning environment but also empowers employees to continually develop their skills and contribute to your organization’s success. Dive in to explore the ins and outs of building a learning culture and the transformative role of Totara TXP.

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Workplace Learning

AI in Education: A Deep Dive into ChatGPT’s Integration into Moodle

In the dynamic world of education technology, AI is making waves. A recent exploration into the integration of ChatGPT into Moodle, an open-source learning platform, reveals exciting possibilities and challenges. ChatGPT, acting as a tireless virtual tutor, can interpret complex statistical results, enhancing students’ understanding. It adapts to individual learning styles, offering personalized education like never before. However, challenges such as copyright issues and the risk of over-dependency on AI are noteworthy. While ChatGPT’s mathematical abilities could use some polishing, the potential of AI in education is immense, promising a brighter future for education.

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