Sales Enablement Training Platform to Boost Your Team's Effectiveness

Give your Sales Team the training, knowledge, and skills to grow their Sales Effectiveness and remain competitive in the increasingly complex digital world. Our Talent & Learning Solutions will help you increase collaboration, engage relevant content and run upskilling campaigns aligned with your business objectives. 

Sales Enablement Training

Fast Facts

1 %

Companies with a dedicated sales enablement function improved their sales training effectiveness by 29%. [SMA]

50 %

Companies that provide real-time, deal-specific sales coaching increased revenue by 8.4% year-over-year – a 95% improvement over companies that don’t provide that level of coaching. [Aberdeen Research]

Foster excellence in sales & training leveraging Edvanta's expertise in Sales Force enablement.

Sales Enablement Learning Experience Suite

Edvanta Services

Customization & Development

Edvanta will help you customize Totara Talent Experience Platform as per your specific needs and workflows.

Learning Content & Video Production

Our Learning Content & Video Production team helps you digitize your existing learning materials, SOPs into self-paced courses.

Learning Data Analytics Services

Our Learning Analytics Services will help you build xAPI based data strategy for your L&D Leaders and help in decision making.

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Unlock the Power of Sales Enablement Training

Let Edvanta Implement Totara Learn, Totara Engage, and Totara Perform to create a powerful Talent Experience Platform for your Organization.