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Embracing Just-in-time learning enhances effectiveness of the training/learning you are trying to provide. 

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Fast Facts

Less staff turnover
1 %

Even a small amount of training makes a significant difference. Hospitality businesses that spent 5% or more of their budget on training in 2015 experienced 23% less staff turnover

less turnover
1 %

People are less likely to leave businesses that provide extensive orientation training. Hospitality businesses that offered more than four hours of orientation training had 20% less turnover.

1 %

Businesses that invest in online training are reaping the rewards. 42% of companies say that online training has led to an increase in revenue.

Perfect Learning Suite for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Learning & Talent Experience Platform

Edvanta Services

Customization & Development

Edvanta will help you customize Totara Talent Experience Platform as per your specific needs and workflows.

Learning Content & Video Production

Our Learning Content & Video Production team helps you digitize your existing learning materials, SOPs into self-paced courses.

Learning Data Analytics Services

Our Learning Analytics Services will help you build xAPI based Data Strategy for your L&D Leaders and help in decision making.

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