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Compliance is a legal requirement for many organizations which function in highly regulated or safety-critical environments. One of the main features of Edvanta’s Learning Experience Platform, and one that it implements in various ways, is to help organize compliant activities such as assigning the right learning programs to the appropriate people, automating recertification reminders with comprehensive role-based reports on completions and non-compliance.

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Fast Facts

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38% of organizations spend $0-500 on compliance training per employee a year. 13% more than $5,000.

30 %

68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy.

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Almost two-thirds of regular organizations do not believe that their compliance training is completely effective and worryingly, 59% of those in high-consequence industries say the same.

The key to compliance training success is process and result. The operation must be airtight so that employees complete the training within any required timeframe and all records are accurate and easily accessible.

Totara Talent Experience Suite Features

Edvanta Services

Customization & Development

Edvanta will help you customize Totara Talent Experience Platform as per your specific needs and workflows.

Learning Content & Video Production

Our Learning Content & Video Production team helps you digitize your existing learning materials, SOPs into self-paced courses.

Learning Data Analytics Services

Our Learning Analytics Services will help you build xAPI based Data Strategy for your L&D Leaders and help in decision making.

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