LMS Data Migration Made Easy

Learning Management System (LMS) migration made easy by Edvanta technologies

In this article, we’ll show how to simplify the process of Learning Management System (LMS) Migration, along with some essential tips.

Top Tips For Hosting Your LMS

Top Tips for Hosting Your Learning Platform What does Hosting mean? Totara Learn is a ‘web application’. This means it runs on web and database servers. When we talk about hosting your LMS, we are talking about where (with whom) and on what technology these servers are based. One of the great advantages of web applications like Totara Learn is […]

6 Ways to Integrate LMS And LXP

6 Ways to Integrate LMS And LXP 6 Ways to Integrate LMS And LXP What is a Learning Management System (LMS) ? A learning management system (LMS) is a platform providing a framework for delivering learning content. This includes the hosting, delivery and tracking of training materials as a minimum, but the most sophisticated learning […]

Why Compliance is Critical to Corporate Success

Why Compliance is Critical to Corporate Success? Why Compliance? Compliance with government and business regulation has always been important, but the pressure to prove that compliance has never been higher. The business risk of noncompliance is such that the reputational damage alone can lead to significant loss of earnings or even closure.  The introduction of new major laws such as GDPR (which gives […]

Extended Enterprise ? A new way to Collaborate

Extended Enterprise? A new way to Collaborate What it means to be an organization is changing. Tweet  It is no longer defined just as a rigid, hierarchical structure of employees. The ways in which we organize and work together are now much more fluid, intertwined and porous. The advent of the gig economy and the […]

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Performance Management Process

The Ultimate Guide to building a Performance Management Process Regardless of the size of your organization, a practical performance management process will have a transformational impact on your organization and its employees. It stands to improve employee engagement, workforce productivity, profitability, and even boost the enterprise agility neededto out maneuver competitors. But where do you […]

How To Choose The Best Learning Platform

How to choose the Best Learning Platform From hundreds of learning platforms to choose from, entering the market for a new system can be a daunting experience. And getting it wrong is painful – not only is it an expensive mistake to make, but it is also a drain on time and resources as your team tries […]

Everything You Need To Know About GDPR Compliance For Your LMS

Everything You Need To Know About GDPR Compliance For Your LMS 0 %                  of organizations worldwide are concerned that a failure to adhere to GDPR could have a major negative impact on their business. (Veritas, News Release 2017/04/25) From the 25th May 2018, all companies operating in […]

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Workplace Disruptors

Office workplace

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Workplace Disruptors No matter how quickly we thought the workplace was changing before, the events of 2020, triggered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, turned the traditional workplace on its head. Overnight, most office-based roles became remote, with millions of workers worldwide now facing uncertain futures while organizations and governments figure out how to tackle […]