Case Study: How Piramal Foundation empowered their Gandhi Fellowship Program with Totara Learning

Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership is the philanthropic arm of the Piramal Group. The foundation undertakes projects under the four broad areas – healthcare, education, livelihood creation and youth empowerment. These projects are rolled out in partnership with various communities, corporate citizens, NGOs and government bodies.

The Challenge

Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership wanted to create a future-ready, exhaustive digital platform which effectively executes their large-scale social impact program called ‘Gandhi Fellowship’ by taking a values-driven approach to the learning goals using various value domains that govern the learner’s growth.

Each value domain was to be tracked with competencies that would have more than 1000 sub-sub-competencies leading to specialization and segregation of learning activities.

The learning platform had to guide a learner through an increased level of awareness and competence in each of the domains incrementally.

It required a gamified and assisted learning experience for the learners and the capacity to track every learner for their chosen Aspiration Path on predefined criteria and the power to choose and realign their career goals.

It had to allow rapid content authoring of digital content and engineer a way to help, support, and motivate the learners during their growth and capable to provide a mobile app-driven online & offline, multilingual learning delivery and had to integrate with other systems; employed already or that will be employed in future.

The Solution

Using a multi-disciplinary design optimization approach Edvanta created a competency and value framework that drives the entire learning journey and helps learners on their paths to achieve their chosen predefined aspirational paths with a compliance-driven student induction and training methodologies implementation approach.

We created a highly interactive learning experience gamified through incentive centred design using badges, simulations and rewards with offline access of rich learning content, including H5P offline which was custom developed for this project.

The system features an in-built rapid content authoring toolkit that can record and download transcripts of objectives met in a learning activity.

It has a peer-manager assisted workshop driven assessment system which was developed to promote collective understanding of the numerous social issues where the assessments would happen amongst the group of peers as well as program leaders and managers by digitizing their integral feedback model which allows a user to be reviewed/assessed by themselves, peers, program leaders, and other stakeholders on a structured metric and a grading model which allows grading on the basis of proficiency in a skill, practiced on-field or online.

The platform was integrated with Office 365 to help provide a seamless user experience, as it supports interoperability of not only learning modules, content and courses but even integrates with any identity management system (like Office 365 HRMS, Drupal, Ticketing System, etc).

A learner journal facility was employed that tracks the understanding, opinion and emotional states of the learner helping him reflect on the key issues he/she is dealing with and allows them to add documents, pictures, videos, etc to these journals.

The platform also has a grievance management system built in, with an alarm/emergency call/contact system where the learner can be tracked if he/she has lost contact, using governed rules pre-set in the system.

Keeping in mind that this is a large-scale social impact program, the system facilitates the creation of an Alumni Management System, which will be implemented in the future. The system currently facilitates a bilingual learning capability (English and Hindi) with a capacity of Multilingual learning capabilities which will be used in the near future.

The Result

As technology vendor cum strategic partner, Edvanta helped Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership to architect, build and support a Totara driven learning ecosystem; which in turn uplifts and augments the Gandhi Fellowship experience to build the next generation of leaders, evangelists and social entrepreneurs.

The technology solution aids the fellowship program learning experience for over 400 fellows in one of the cohorts; spread across 20 states in India; thereby laying a foundation for the next generation of fellows who will set out to impact one million lives.

Working in/with:

  • School Leadership Development Program
  • District Leadership Program
  • State Transformation Program
  • Niti Aayog(National Institution for Transforming India)
  • While these changes would start to show gradually; the PFEL learning ecosystem implementation was able to communicate the benefits and user-friendliness of their brand through the Totara learning platform.

The PFEL learning ecosystem now supports the fellows in their journey of personal growth and social impact. With a clear map of opportunities, skill and cognitive attitude, the application is going to serve the aspiration paths of the fellows and is thus named as MAP(My Aspiration Path) Mobile App.

The PFEL’s mission is to educate and transform education in India; the Totara Learn implementation is instrumental in this change and is the sine qua non of their learning ecosystem.

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