Why data tracking is important?

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.

-Ronald Coase, Economist


In recent years, professional sector has seen tremendous movement towards data tracking, management and interpretation. From making a building, boosting company’s revenue to extensive targeted campaigns, data has come up as a face-changing element, irrespective of type of industry.

But why it is so important and what advantage can one get with efficient tracking and translation?



As you go along, data tracking assists in identifying the primary mistakes made in past and finding risks for future endeavours. Adequate data interpretation has earned its place not only as a precautionary measure but also as a strategic planning for business growth.

Data Management, as a whole, comprises of multiple stages. Starting from storing, data processing involves classification, normalization, analysis, interpretation and finally insights.

However, one must be aware of the fact that data tracking alone cannot help you in running business, ensure that you understand data and interpret the same in alignment with the pre-defined objectives.

Studies have shown that one must follow following 5 steps to confirm logical and methodological management of data:

  • Agility
  • Consistent policies
  • Efficiency
  • Complete Understanding
  • Focus


In Education Domain

Education processes have seen exceptional growth with the increasing use of technology. WIth booming education technology industry, companies have been able to vie on more than $8 billion worth market. On the same line, data management is coming up as an essential component.

Most of the educational institutes have already started tracking teacher & student data with the help of multiple software and web applications. Currently, these institutes primarily focus on tracking grades, attendance, book issues, and fees.

However, with the ongoing technological advancements and increased attention to online learning, institutes and corporates are moving towards extensive educational data-mining and learning analytics. These setups have started focusing on other areas as well, including distributed social interactions, which can be helpful in tracking more than just collaborative and interactive quotient of people.

The Change

Use of analytics is a quickly developing practice, as the world’s hunger for actionable information is increasing day by day. Thorough data management and interpretation has caused positive disruption in traditional learning operations. And this disruption is helping the world to move towards a personalised and optimum learning experience.

Other than this, analytics has been able to build better relations between teaching, learning and data, thereby enhancing the in-depth focus on aligning adequate knowledge and skills with each learning experience.


With Totara Learn

Many of the LMS fall short in providing efficient analytics and reporting solutions. To help users make this process of data tracking and reporting better, Totara Learn comes up with:

  • Customised Report Builder
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Exportable Reports
  • Online interactive charts and lists

Totara Learn is capable of effectively tracking and recording learner progress to get a full picture of the LMS, around content, pedagogy, user experience and administration tasks.

Report Builder of Totara Learn sources data from multiple features to deliver reporting on multiple areas, which include attendance, course/program completions, competency achievement, grade scored, feedback received/provided, certification completions, learning Plan completions, etc.

Edvanta Recipe

Leveraging on Learning Record Store (LRS) concept, Edvanta’s data analytics expert have been able to extend the reporting capability of Totara Learn. LRS has been found capable of pulling, storing, processing and returning data, in the form of reports, related to performance, achievements and experiences.

With extensive configuration and advanced architecture establishment between Totara Learn and LRS, Edvanta has also been able to share the same reports with other platforms for reporting and to enhance adaptive learning experiences.

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