Start the New Year with Totara Learn 12!

First of all, a Happy New Year to everyone out there!

Just to spark up the motivation heres a good quote for you to begin with:

This is the beginning of anything you want. A new year, a new hope and a new chance!

Start the New Year with Totara Learn 12!

With the new year of possibilities and goodness knocking on our doors, lets use this opportunity to learn more, embrace more and hone our skills to maximum in the year 2019.

We bet you dont wish to get back to the same old training and learning which your workplace has to offer — after all, the new age learning is a must to keep one motivated.

Totara understands your need, and so do we.

Totara recently released the new and better version — Totara Learn 12, and believe it when we say, you ought to be excited about this new release.

Why? Lets give you a walkthrough.

With the aim of making learning an experience which is constructive yet interesting for the user, Totara Learn 12 has come up with exciting new features that your LMS more flexible and fun.

Key Features of Totara Learn 12:

    • New learning catalogue

No more struggling to find learning content! Totara Learn 12 now has a new tile-based catalogue with an intuitive, image-based interface for browsing, filtering, sorting and searching learning content so that your learners dont waste time trawling through never-ending lists to find what they need.

Totara Learn 12 - New learning catalogue

    • Configure and Design

Did you feel bound by the limited block design in the past? Well now, Totara Learn 12 allows you the power to add full-width header / footer regions, borderless blocks for more pleasant and engaging pages.

Totara Learn 12 - Configure and Design

    • Navigation Advancements

With condensed header, footer and front-page course list, Totara Learn 12 has not only optimized your LMS space but has also reduced distractions and keep people focused on whats important. Plus, now you can customise the site administration menu for the specific tasks of each administrator.

Totara Learn 12 - Navigation Advancements

    • Pick what you learn : Content Marketplace

To never limit the learning, Totara Partners and other content providers can now implement their own Content Marketplace plugins or use the GO1 marketplace included in Totara Learn 12 — allowing the users to access a range of free or paid learning content.

    • Seminar Management : Better than before!

Now manage multiple bookings, attendance status, seminar notifications along with the option of multilingual capabilities and solve all your seminar management related issues.

    • Reporting Options

Totara Learn 12 offers an improved performance of the report builder and capability to set up reporting for user consent, record of prior learning and other useful audience-based content restrictions.

    • HR Import updates

To strengthen the HR Import tools, Totara Learn 12 includes the creation and update of competency frameworks. In addition to that,each HR Import element now allows to have its own specific import options, meaning that you can pull information from different sources at different times.

    • New learning access controls

In Totara Learn 12, automated management of user access and visibility to learning, navigation and dashboards with new audience rules based on certifications and authentication methods has been introduced. This allows more control over access to learning items, empowering you to restrict access based on the time since a learner has completed (or not completed) another activity or resource for more active management of a learners journey through their learning material.

Totara Learn 12 - New learning access controls


Thats all? Not really. Totara Learn 12 has improvised and is ready with a lot more innovative features in this release. Click here to know more in detail.

Edvanta is thrilled about implementing and playing around with the new Totara Learn 12. Reach out to us if you have questions about whether you should upgrade to Totara Learn 12.

We would love to help you with your current LMS and make it even more advantageous and effective for your learning requirements in the new year!


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