Learning Experience Design - Introduction (Part 1)

Organizations are changing and digital disruption is happening at all the places. Learning technology is not an exception. Today, organizations need a Learning Experience strategy to create an engaging experience for learners to achieve their personal and professional goals.


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Digitalization is revolutionizing our expectations from learning technology. Our learners and employees are looking for an all-around experience across various touch-points in their journey through an organization’s/institution’s digital infrastructure. They want the same experience as they do when they shop online and/or connect on social networking sites. They want to use the technology for fulfilling their goals. These goals could be collecting information, earning a degree/certification, and collaborating with communities of practice or their interests. A successful learning experience design is responsible for managing the overall learner journey and experience across channels and multiple platforms.

When organization leaders look at the Learning Experience Design (LXD) they think of disrupting innovations; however, it is about offering an ecosystem that aligns with the learner’s goals. The goal of LXD is to improve the learning outcomes and the quality of experiences across different digital learning journeys.

In this series of articles, I will share some experiences and guidelines for an effective Learning Experience Design to create an engaging learning experience.

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