Digital Learning Ecosystem as a ServiceOur Digital Learning Ecosystem as a service model is built on Managed Services Model where we work as an extend team. The Service is designed to transform your L&D initiatives to deliver the promised results.

Corporate Process

Our Services

Digital Platform Solutions

Businesses not only require internal L&D platforms but often their customers require training as well. We help you build Customer Learning Portals, Internal Knowledge & L&D Platforms with Social & Mobile Learning Delivery.

Digital Learning Content Solutions

Our Content Development experts help you build & outsource content from world’s largest content repositories. If you need specific content, we help you build the custom content while keeping the ROI in check.

Online Program Management Solutions

We work with organisations who want to sell their programs / courses online. We provide them complete solutions beginning from platform, lead-generation, eCommerce, learning delivery & administration, student success with a responsive – 24*7 support team.

Enterprise Integration Solution

Enterprises use many business applications which may require to exchange workflows and data. L&D is often isolated from these processes. Edvanta helps you create an ecosystem which communicates and exchanges data as in when you require.

Learning Delivery & Administration

When you are running an enterprise and deliver services globally, you need to train your staff & customers both. We help you manage the L&D administration, course building, operations without making it a big deal for you.

Training & Consulting Services

Our consulting & training services help clients onboard their L&D resources and drive efficient operations. We equip them with market insights, new trends and technologies.

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Edvanta - Learning as a Service Benefits

L&D Maturity Model Assessment

We help our clients assess their current L&D process maturity and define strategies to reach the learning & performance goals of their organization.

Rapid Content Authoring Support

We help you create HTML5 content using open-source frameworks which are compliant across browsers, LMSs, and web-platforms.

Business Continuity & Innovation

While your business needs are taken care of, in the backend we innovate with new technology trends and frameworks to further optimize your L&D Processes.

Personalized Learning Experience

We help you personalize learning experience for your learners to improve their performance and earn new skills and competencies that they may require on the job.

Program Management Services

We help you manage and run your online programs. We help you from student enrollment to Student Success Services.

Knowledge Bank & Support Portals

Edvanta supports your L&D team & learners with comprehensive personalized support & knowledge portals.

Managed Administration Services

Our Customer Success Support team manages the administration processes for you. It takes care of end-to-end administration & troubleshooting requirements.

Integration as a Service

We help you integrate with your existing enterprise applications or third-party modules and services to create an ecosystem.

Social & Adaptive Learning Support

We help you create an adaptive learning environment which promotes social learning and builds communities of practice within the organization.

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