Learning Experience Design over Traditional LMSLearn how Edvanta can help you design your Enterprise Learning Experience Platform

Learning is a personal journey and also a scary one when left alone to take. We are way past the days when traditional approaches worked for one and all, led by a competent trainer and within set parameters. Today we already are aware of the huge shift in the way we function on a daily basis, our increased virtual interactions and also the way there are new forms of boundaries in place of the old ones of age, location, profession, etc.

How learning works for most corporate usually involves two phases – 

  1. Training ( classroom / online / self paced video learning)
  2. Certification / Test

And that’s it.

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Of course, the immediate question any employee, assigned with an L&D plan might have is regarding the use of this skill/training for him. Where and how will he apply this in his daily work or in future is mostly never specified at the beginning, nor a way for him to keep himself updated going forward. Here, we depend too much on self-interest and motivation which is rarely there.

Apart from the fact that #1 is at times outdated and uninspiring for most users, the questions are the biggest barriers in the path to learning.  There are some ways that corporates can avoid the resistance to learning and making sure the effort is not wasted, like –

  1. What do you really require for the future and how many resources?
  2. Who is best suited to be given that knowledge so that it is passed on to others through informal ways as well as formal.
  3. Whose current skill-set matches the future technologies/skills the company would require

Our Suite of services helps in creating focused learning paths by a combination of a skills matrix to identify gaps in organizational goals and employee skills and suggesting appropriate courses to the employee/managers to assign as learning goals. This way, Managers or employee can create their own learning plans considering their interests and gap areas within the defined organizational Learning & Development plan. The organizations can thus, upgrade their resources based on the current requirements in the pipeline or future business goals. All this happens in a collaborative and gamified environment with coupled with timely feedback collected for adjusting the learning to the user’s profile and sending regular reports to all stakeholders.

Within the Learning platform designed by us, the employees earn skills, badges, and certificates which they can add to their organization profile or Social Network such as LinkedIn. This motivates learners to be ahead and join the organization’s digital transformation journey willingly and show enthusiasm in enhancing their profile. 

It is always prudent to have an eye on the changing trends in any industry and prepare the workforce to be able to ride any new wave with ease. This makes it very important for all technology units to have a learning platform and plan in place for all its employees  from all business units.

Let us help you set up the perfect platform to suit all your needs –  of present and future alike. 

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