Digital Learning Transformation Services

Digital Learning is not new. What is new and disruptively so is the fact that a new knowledge and data economy has emerged. For this new phase, organizations must grapple with tools and platforms that facilitate such knowledge sharing and employee interactions on almost limitless & challenging scale. We believe in this change and we empower the organizations in finding the right learning strategy to create learning & performance eco-systems for changing business dynamics.

CRM & Application Portal Management

Edvanta helps you with CRM & Lead Management portals allowing you to gather all the information you require for your prospects, customers and partners.

Learning Data & Analytics Support

We help you measure, collect and run analysis on your learning data about progress of learners and the context in which digital learning takes place.

Infrastructure & Security Management

In a modern organization, learning infrastructure is changing rapidally. We at Edvanta help you manage that change, scale and improve the overall efficiency.

Academic Program & Curriculum Management

From course structure to module creation and scheduling to analysis and tracking, Edvanta helps you with your programs & curriculum management.

Interoperability & Integrations Management

Being in Open Source, we love interoperability and open standards for integration. Some standards that we follow are IMS LTI, SCORM, AICC, QTI and many more

Customer Success & Support Framework

Our Customer Success team is responsible for supporting client’s adoption and continued satisfaction. The Success Team learns & adapts as per your learning needs.

Learner Success Plan & Management

Our Success Plan services are designed to increase at-risk student persistence, success, retention and graduation rates allowing you to focus on what you do the best – Teaching.

Social Learning Architecture Management

Learning that matters today is social, in real time and inventive. We help you create an learning & performance ecosystem with support of Social Learning.

Rapid Content Creation & Authoring Solutions

Want to rapidally create content in HTML5 &
SCORM? Our Content Authoring tools allow you to create & publish content rapidly and all by yourself.

Platform & Technology Stack used by Edvanta

Totara Learn Partner
OpenedX Services & Integrations
Totara Social Partner
Microsoft Azure Services
xapi, learning record store, LRS, experience API, experienceAPI
Drupal Development Services
AWS Consulting & Architecture
lucidworks, fusion, AI, Machine Learning
Salesforce Integration & Development Services
elastic search, lucidworks, elastic

Join Edvanta for reinventing your L&D Processes to fully utilize the potential of your employees by creating a culture of continuous learning.